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Nicolas Audureau

2016-currently: Director of LE CAP Art center, Saint-Fons, France




2012-2017: PhD Researcher in Art History Department of the University of Rennes 2, France. Research on Moscow conceptualism under the supervision of Jean-Marc Poinsot and Ekaterina Degot


2013-2015: Curatorial Director of the Curatorial Training Programme at The Russian State University for the Humanities (RGGU), Moscow. Website / Exhibition 2014



Curator of the exhibition The Contemporary French Painting: Combinations of History

Perm Museum of Contemporary Art, 2013

Website / Catalogue (PDF)


Some articles on Russian art:

- "Irina Nakhova : Pavillon russe de la 56e Biennale de Venise", Artpress, n°422, May 2015.

- "Le conceptualisme moscovite : une grammaire rétroactive", Artpress, n°411, May 2014, p. 45-50.

- "Printemps de l'art en Russie", Zéro Deux n°66, Summer 2014, pp. 38-45 pdf version

- "Conceptualisme moscovite : une collection américaine", revue CRITIQUE D'ART, n°40, automne 2012. digital version

- "Andrei Monastyrski", Artpress, n°379, June 2011, sepcial "Venice Biennale" p. 36. digital version

- "Andrei Monastyrski", Frieze, January 2011. digital version

- "Chronique de Moscou", Zéro Deux, since January, 2009 until June, 2010. www.zerodeux.fr

- "Eloge du sots art", in Artpress, n°340, December 2007, pp. 53-58.


Some lectures on Russian art:

- 2012, December 12: "Les Archives MANI: de l'archive au catalogue", PhD seminar "Le catalogue dans tous ses états", INHA - Ecole du Louvre, France.

- 2012, November 12: "Les Archives MANI: les conceptualistes russes face à l'histoire", seminar of the Ecole supérieure d'art d'Annecy, France.

- 2012, June 23: "Monologues et reflets  : l'art conceptuel russe face à l'État, à lui-même et aux autres sous l'ère soviétique tardive", PhD seminar "S'identifier face à l'Autre", Rennes 2 University, France.

- 2012, March 24: "Romantic Moscow Conceptualism", Rennes 2 University, France.

Elena Yaichnikova

2017-currently: Independent curator, based in Lyon (FR)


2014-2017: Permanent curator at Moscow Museum of Modern Art



Curatorial residency at BAR Project, Barcelona, March-May 2015 Barproject.net


2013-currently: Education Department of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art. Momma.ru


She was a curator at Start project, Winzavod, Moscow (2011-12). Website



Curator of the exhibition Double vision: Contemporary Art from Japan

Moscow Museum of Modern Art

Website / v-c-a


She worked as an editor of Art section at the Moscow magazine Black Square (2009-2010) and was responsible for the program of public talks and discussions at the National Center of Contemporary Art in Moscow (2010-2011).


She regularly contributes to the Russian art press and occasionally to the international one.

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